About Us

Founded by doctors and run by doctors, Doctors Explain promotes quality of care through optimized access & efficient clinical workflow.
Our Digital Health Innovations are designed to enhance caregivers' work-life balance and patients' convenience.
Digital Health Technology continues to make safe and efficient recordkeeping a possibility. Centralized storage means that medical professionals can access patient data quickly, helping them provide better care, thus improving patient outcomes. Telemedicine is fast proving quite useful in situations where the patient must practice physical distancing or is unable to attend a healthcare facility in person.
A patient education system allows patients to check aspects of their healthcare journey, ultimately giving them the freedom to take complete control of their situation. It means they no longer need to rely on staff to provide endless, outdated leaflets and reading aids to receive insights into their health.  
From diagnostics to disease management, providers and patients stand to benefit a great deal from our Innovative Digital Solutions. Key such benefits include:
  • Care: Providers can offer a range of care, such as urgent, primary, and mental health.
  • Cost: Providers can offer care suitable for a range of budgets.
  • Insurance: Providers can accept insurance, including NHIF.
  • Prescriptions: Providers can offer prescriptions and allow people to pick up medication at a convenient pharmacy.
  • Accessibility: Providers can offer accessibility options, such as apps, video-conferencing, instant messaging, and more so in different language options.
  • Remote Jobs: Providers can self-employ by offering virtual visits, mentorship, coaching, and consultations.